A Lone Star Christmas Carol

by Gary Frank Taylor

Released 2009
Hock the House Records
Released 2009
Hock the House Records
Charles Dickens' story, told in song, with all original Christmas music from the heart of Texas, done Broadway-style.
I wrote this music for a show-a musical: Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" set in Texas. The concept belonged to my friend and co-writer, the late Gary Moody. I hope you will add listening to these songs to your Christmas traditions. Below are some excerpts from reviews of the show.

"...music and songs were of such surprising quality they could compete at the CMA Awards or go into stores as Christmas classics."
Mary L. Clark - The Column

“..."Oh Ebenezer/Lie to Me" hints at the rhythmical complexity of Sondheim, and makes you want to holler out, 'Encore!' with its melodious harmonies and soaring sadness.”
Alexandra Bonifield - Critical Rant and Rave

“The music is the heart of this Texas-ized version of A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens' timeless story that has become a holiday cash cow (longhorn, in this case) for many theaters.”
Mark Lowry - TheaterJones.com

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For theatre directors and producers interested in A Lone Star Christmas Carol, you can hear the music from the CD here.


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